About Fimotions


Fimotions aspires to be an important partner for policy-makers who are working to bring positive change to the world by continuously creating a planet-friendly mobility system.

Our Approach 

We deliver value and solutions to our clients.
We guarantee that sustainability plays a prominent role in your city’s mobility solutions.
We are flexible and use a personal approach when communicating with our clients.

Now and the future

Technology has been advancing mobility rapidly, and the pace of the advances will only increase. Self-driving vehicles will soon fill the roads, car-sharing will be much easier for everybody, everything will be more connected than ever before, and the line between private and public transport will become very thin. This is the world we are looking at.

As sustainable mobility experts, we realise that this new world will create new challenges for sustainable mobility. We need to continuously shift our paradigm to keep up with this changing world.

We will embrace this, together with you. For now and for the future, for us and for the generations to come.