Creating a sustainable transport system is our passion

The founder of Fimotions, Fadiah Achmadi, an enthusiastic consultant who has a deep passion for sustainable urban transport. She lives in an urban area, and does not just dispense advise – she also travels in sustainable ways. In her 11 years of working experience, she has helped several institutions in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East to develop sustainable urban mobility policies.

She was born in a country where the transportation system is not people-centered. Its public transportation system had many shortcomings. The roads were filled with private vehicles of the wealthy, while the less wealthy relied on unreliable and unsafe but affordable informal public transport. The result was low air quality and inequality of opportunity between the rich and the poor in terms of their mobility.

With her expertise as consultant in sustainable mobility, she wants to help policy-makers to develop a sustainable mobility system for their cities. Our broad work experience on different continents supports our understanding of local circumstances and challenges. Our strong background in land use and spatial planning enables us to offer integrated land use and transport planning, which represents a unique policy opportunity and is critical to achieving a sustainable mobility system.


Sabina Goei graduated from the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science. In January 2017 she began assisting with Fimotions projects. She helps the firm further develop its brand and support the firm’s marketing and communication activities. Her international study experience has brought additional value to the Fimotions team. Sabina’s strong interest in sustainable development makes it easy for her to make sustainability topics really fun!

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